Dr. in Theology – Lecturer – Writer

Born in Dare, Orense, Spain.
Studied ethics, philosophy and theology.
In 1991 was ordained and ministered in different countries, Spain, Ecuador and Argentina.
Doctor theology by University of Navarra.
He worked three years in spiritual care with patients in the University Clinic of Navarra.
He served as a tenured professor at universities in different countries.
Currently married, a missionary, writer and continues to attend as a professor at various international congresses.
His experiences as a member of the Priestly Society of the Holy Cross, Opus Dei and the relationship with the mystical Franciscan, influence their theology.
Author of the theology of spiritual therapy method Reiki Crístico and the method Transcendental Meditation, Road to the Sacred.
Travel for years in various places related to the mystique (Ireland, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, France, Africa, the Jesuit missions of South America, Route Ever in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia; the Cultura Maya in Mexico) with the aim of studying in different cultures theological and spiritual wealth.

Author of more than twenty books on theology and spirituality, among them:

Spiritual awakening, Knockin 'On Heaven's Door, prayer book, God and beauty, Read the Gospel with new eyes, Conversations in the convent, From the angustia a la paz, From left tinieblas a la luz, The open window, The dreams come true, The mystery of the Psalms, Entrepreneur of the holy, with the P. José Isorna OFM, the self-help, Good News of the Father Gumer; and Reiki Crístico, written in collaboration with the missionary Mary Benetti Meiriño.


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