Not infrequently the Dr. Gumersindo Meiriño writes articles on topics of theology published in different areas and you can read also on its official blog.

These are some of them.

This beauty is the one the mystic discovers. God and Beauty

This beauty is the one the mystic discovers as he realizes nature is not only about wonders for the senses and mind, but also wonders that satisfy the soul and spirit. Nature is meeting with God, it is God’s love demonstration … Keep reading

Beauty attract. God and Beauty

Beauty affects not only the physical aspect of a person but also affects him/her as a whole. Beautiful people attract others who look for beauty and they are rejected by the ones who are revolving around ugliness, lies and nastiness. … Keep reading

Beauty is the way to Happiness. God and Beauty

Beauty is the way to Happiness: a person is happy when he/she discovers it. (…) Beauty is harmonious and three-dimensional. If we consider the three aspects the human being is composed by (material psychological and spiritual) we can say beauty … Keep reading

Clean the eyes

Clean the eyes before continuing, make the sign of the cross on behalf of the Holy Trinity. It is as follows. With your thumb trace a cross on the forehead, a cross in the mouth and ... Continue reading →

From Death to Life, Sleep to the Vigil. Happy Easter

DEATH AND THE DREAM ... IN EASTER INTO LIFE AND VIGIL The sun rises every morning and afternoon slips into the horizon, in search of rest. Also in the dark, certain nights are lit by ... Continue reading →

With the clean look

With the clean look "the Lord turned and looked at Peter, And Peter remembered the word of the Lord "Luke 22, 61 I remember arriving to live in a new house, away from my land. They welcomed me with love. … Continue reading →

God's Goodness (Bonum)

God's Goodness (Bonum) At one time it was fashionable to lead a virtuous life. The honor, honor, goodness were taken as highly prized qualities, admirable. Including, the last was the most valuable currency. Hence, the ... Continue reading →

Being God

Being God It can happen also to moms who want to have control over their children, about her husband and when they see it lose depressed. This had me a good mother: - "I like my grandchildren ... Continue reading →

An Anam Cara

A Actually anam cara, the author of this book is an anam cara, called Peter. Celtic culture name given to special people. "Anam" means, Gaelic, 'Soul'; "Face" means 'friendship'. The anam cara, in the Celtic world, … Continue reading →


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