Psalms 119 meirino gumerIn the Psalms there are many requests and desires. I propose today that the request matches the psalmist: be my whole heart. We can not doubt that goodness, the integrity, the nobility remain the values ​​that open the doors of happiness and fulfillment. proud, the envious…, They are in the path of exile. Never lose your whole heart. Peace and good, see you tomorrow.

PSALM 119 (118) And

And 73Your hands have made me and fashioned me,
instruct me learn your commands.
74I look at those who respect you and rejoice,
because I trusted your word.

75Mr., I know that your commands are righteous,
that rightly humiliated me.
76May your love be my comfort
as you promised your servant.

77I reach your compassion and live,
for your law is my delight.
78They are confused
They are slandering me proud,
I will meditate your decrees.

79Return to me those who honor you:
who know your precepts.
80Be my whole heart in your rules,
so I will not be ashamed.


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  1. Gracias Gumersindo por compartir este tiempo cada día con nosotros , por transmitir todos los días un mensaje de esperanza , por no cansarte jamás al margen de los frutos .. mi familia y yo te agradecemos con todo el corazón.. Amén..

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