Ravello Italy

Psalm 46 (45), every day December 15, refuge and strength

On a spiritual level it is important, essential to know where to take shelter when the storm arrives. The […]


Psalm 38 (37), every day December 14, thanks for health

The disease is not appropriate to humans, lo adecuado a la persona es […]

Lugano Switzerland

Psalm 37 (36) II, every day December 13, Depart from evil, do good

He who sows winds harvest storms, Jesus says in the Gospel. well, lo que […]

lake Lugano

Psalm 37 (36) I, every day December 12, do not get mad

Another Psalm fighting enemies. In this first part, There are many aspects, powerful, […]


Psalm 35 (34) II, every day December 11, accept the mystery of Life

Yesterday the psalmist continues his prayer with words and strong feelings. Otra vez unos […]


Psalm 35 (34) I, every day December 10, Do not be fooled by your enemies

Puede que alguna vez nos sintamos como el salmista que hoy invoca a Yhavé pidiendo […]

Amalfi Coast

Psalm 32 (31), every day December 9, Is there fate?

Is there fate?, They ask me quite often. It depends what you mean by destination. […]

Parish S. Gennaro Praiano

Psalm 98 (97), every day on December 8, the Lord does wonders, Immaculate Conception

Cuando el ser humano está despierto y abre los ojos a la realidad no puede […]

Sea of ​​Galilee

Psalm 28 (27), every day on December 7, trusting prayer

The psalmist goes a certain impatience because it seems that God does not listen, a […]

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Psalm 25 (24), every day on November 6, Teach me your way lead me your paths

The secrets of God's heart are exposed, God is disclosed, teaches, […]