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Psalm 15 (14), every day December 16, Purify the heart

En las fachadas de los templos de Egipto y de Babilonia se grababan las condiciones […]

Psalm 14 (13), every day December 15, choose the good

The environment in which moves the psalmist, of terror and exile, that […]

What I feel

A psychotherapist proposed one of his patients to investigate, en las distintas circunstancias de […]

Psalm 13 (12), every day December 14, light to my eyes

A very human question that frequently repeat, How long?Even when? El mismo salmista […]

Psalm 12 (11), every day December 13, refined words

words refined seven times. We are not aware of the value of a word, hence, […]

Psalm 11 (10), every day December 12, a shelter for pilgrims

Flee!,Flees! This is the natural and spontaneous cry that feels the danger, the […]

Psalm 10, every day December 11, ¡Adonai, Adonai, Adonai!

Up to four times echoes the word Adonai!, which can be translated as "Lord". Es […]

Psalm 9, every day December 10, judge righteously

Love and Truth, sooner or later come to light. Como en el […]

Psalm 8, every day December 9, an admirable name

The ignorant human being, It tends to dominate, to control, to handle, imagine ..., pero la […]

Psalm 7, every day on December 8, with right heart

Not judge anyone, never, or for any reason. Solo hay una justicia que no […]