Foto Alfonso Cutro

How does Jesus talk to us?

Now you are trained to open the pages of the Gospel. Interpret them from Jesus’s point of view, from his experience with the apostles. He lived them with his contemporaries; you have to live them with him in the current world. See how he solved them. They will show you the way.

How many people, to find the answer to their problems, resort to people who read the lines of the hands, or interpret the tarot, or foreshadow the future by knowing the signs or many other “techniques!” People resort to them in order to tolerate dramatic and sad situations. In misery and anguish, the angels of Luzbel take advantage and disrupt you, and guide you through wrong ways. As it is commonly said: “It is good fishing in troubled waters.”

However, these situations of pain and suffering are propitious to believe and approach to God. when your life is troubled, you have to be more cautious. Find the answer in the Gospel, ask the Lord to talk to you, he will make you see the message that will lead you to the door you have to open. Do not trust magic and extraordinary solutions. The way to meet the Teacher is always innocence and humbleness.

G. MEIRINO FERNÁNDEZReading the Gospel with new eyesDe Oriente a Occidente, 2009, ISBN: 978-987-24696-9-6; pp. 76-77.