How to face the problems meirino

How to face the problems?

In each experience with his disciples, Jesus offers an example of how problems have to be faced; he teaches the correct way to solve them. And, he shows you that the tests you go through make you learn how to relate to your brothers. The Gospels are a mystery in the sense that they include so many teachings that you cannot cover them all. Thanks to it, you share experiences with the apostles and people of those times.

At the same time, it provides an example that can be interpreted and put into practice in your daily life. If you do not do it you may face the risk of considering what Jesus says as concepts and past events. On the contrary, they are atemporal, real events. Every time you open a page of the Gospel, God himself talks to you:

In the Sacred Books of the Father that is in heaven, he goes to meet his children to talk to them; the word of God is so efficient that it provides the Church with support and strength, and his children with faith, which is the food for the soul and the perennial and pure source of spiritual life…[1]

The beginning, the conclusion, and the final result of the situations of life are in your hands. The map of the different routes, bridges, valleys, mountains, seas, fauna and flora is in this book. An also, the different places for assistance that may help you to recover and have a happy end: the way back home, the way to the great Light, to our Father.

Any page of the Gospel you open, with faith and honesty, is a beam of light that will help you to see reality with new eyes.


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