Aguapey Foto Ruth Dacunda
Aguapey Foto Ruth Dacunda

The live water of the Gospel

In the Gospel, there is water that purifies. The words of Jesus that reach your heart are like live water. When you receive them with faith, they are like “christening.” The Word of God is clean and fresh water that softly drops on dry land.

Imagine a heavy acid rain falling on a sad, arid and dried field. It seems to be glad to receive the irrigation, but then it realizes that its seed, instead of being growing, it is destroyed. Many people receive rains like this one when they look for something in places protected by Luzbel: acid rain. They apparently receive gifts, abundant rain that refreshes the arid heart, but then destroys the fruits and the field.

To the hearts that receive acid water, you may say, with no rancor but with the spirit that arises from the prophetic words of Ezekiel: «Lion of the nations, you are destroyed. You were like a monster in the sea, spouting in your streams, Stirring the water with your feet and churning its streams. Thus says the Lord GOD: I will spread my net over you (with a host of many nations), and draw you up in my seine.»[1]

The Gospel is pure water; it does not stain or sicken; it cleans and purifies. Opening the Gospel I like opening the source of the live water. The same prophet Ezekiel that talks about the lions spouting like monsters in the muddy waters foreshadows what God will do with people that approach him with a good intention: «I will give you a new heart and place a new spirit within you, taking from your bodies your stony hearts and giving you natural hearts.»[2] .

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