san-benito_gumersindoSan Benito’s prayer to bless your job

Hello my Friends. We’ve recently talked about San Benito’s life and then we’ve made a concise reference to the beautiful veneration of the medal which carries San Benito’s name.

Now, we’ll contact God through this saint who was a prayer master.

It’s advisable to find a suitable place every time you´d like to pray or meditate. It should be calm and clean so it invites to relaxation and the search of significance. If you’re tired, it’s better to have a rosary in your hand, or it may also be with hands empty. Walk and let yourself flow with God’s love talking to him or contemplating nature.

The prayer we’ll recite below carries its fundament from San Benito’s motto: ora et labora. Pray and work.

Benito, prayer master to millions of people, make my prayer be sincere, authentic and go to heaven, following your example.

Oh God! Take away any vain words from my lips; take away any negative, sad or fake thoughts; take away any feeling or wish that doesn’t come from the Holy Spirit.  May my voice, thoughts and wishes be in whole communion with God’s mission for me in this planet.

San Benito, who taught the monks devoted to meditation to work with their hands, teach to transform my everyday job into a prayer.

Oh God!, bless my hands so that they’re filled with abundant results. Bless people’s working hands, no matter what their labour is, so they do it with enthusiasm, applying intelligence so that their effort’s result is useful, practical and a vehicle of brotherhood among people.

Move away any task done with apathy, lazyness or bad intentions. May all my actions be transformed into praise singing because they’re well done so that they be blessed by God father and mother, God’s son and God Holy Spirit.

May your example and teaching summed up in the phrase “ora et labora” be the stimulus of universe construction as the temporary roof for the brethren who walk to God’s mother and father’s house. Amen